Property Transfers

Our office is assisted by a Conveyancer for all property transfers and conveyancing matters in all jurisdiction areas of South Africa.

Attorney Regulations

The Legal Practice Council is a national, statutory body established in terms of Section 4 of the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014. Together with its Provincial Councils, it regulates the affairs of and exercise jurisdiction over all legal practitioners.

Credit checks & blacklisting

We do credit bureaux record checks and listings on debt that is older than three months. List your debtors’ outstanding debt on their credit bureaux profiles to enforce payment.

Civil Litigation

Our office works in association with Diederiks Oudegeest Attorneys Incorporated, with whom we share offices. Diederiks Oudegeest Attorneys Inc. practice in the following: – Civil Litigation; – Criminal Law; and – Labour Law

Legal Advice

We offer a wide range of services and invite you to submit an enquiry on our website.

Start-up Business packages

Let us assist you with all legally required documents when starting your own business.


Services we offer


Contract Management

Negotiating, drafting and perusal of contracts and agreements and advice on negotiations, operations and risk.

Legal Audit

Due diligence, advice and improve! Our legal audit include risk identification and mitigation, corporate governance, compliance with applicable acts, legal processes, employee relations and legal opinions where applicable.

Management of Debtors

We do soft. legal and corporate collections. We will provide our client with expert advice on the best collection strategy to obtain the desired results.

Anti-Nuptial Agreements

An anti-nuptial agreement is a written contract entered into by two parties who intend to get married in the near future. This agreement sets out the terms with regards to both parties’ assets, future earnings and control of property. The purpose for the conclusion of such an agreement is to provide for the division of the parties’ assets when the marriage dissolves.

Business Rescue

Chapter 6 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 allows for a company to be placed in a state of “business rescue”. This, in effect, gives the company a degree of freedom from its immediate debt obligations in order to allow the company to come out of a state of “free fall”.

Company Law

Our Latest News


Need a copy of your Title Deed?

Amendment to Regulation 68(1) of The Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937 – effective 25 February 2019. Prior to 25 February 2019, if an original Title Deed was lost or destroyed, a practicing Conveyancer was allowed to make application to the Registrar of Deeds on behalf of the registered title holder, to obtain a certified copy of the Title Deed.

Amendment of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005

The amendment through the National Credit Amendment Bill, B47 – 2013 has some implications on the consumer, as well as the creditor.

Removal of Adverse Consumer Credit and Information relating to Paid Up Judgments

Removal of adverse consumer credit information relating to paid up judgments on the records of South African Credit Bureaus, as published by the Department of Trade and Industry on 27 February 2014.